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Step right into Godrej Hillside – a place where you can experience abundant greenery adorned by hills in your backyard. Live an elevated life with the highest elevation in the entire township, offering enhanced privacy. Your home at Godrej Hillside will be a luxurious abode with hills right in your backyard. Godrej Hillside Mahalunge offers a residential experience like no other. With features tailored to meet the demands of contemporary living experience, you are in for an enhanced lifestyle. The project features lavish and thoughtfully designed apartments, each meticulously crafted to provide you with an exceptional standard of living.

Features Of Godrej Hillside Mahalunge That Make It Stand Apart

4 Tier Security: A comprehensive security system consisting of multiple layers of protection ensures the safety of your loved ones.

Access to 8+ hectares of greens: The project provides access to huge pastures full of greenery, offering a serene and refreshing environment.

2,630 Sq. mtr. of elevated clubhouse: The elevated clubhouse covers a massive area and serves as a hub for recreational activities.

Hill Park with 5000+ trees: A beautiful hill park with over abundant foliage, creating a picturesque and eco-friendly setting.

1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Homes: The project offers homes in several configurations, catering to the diverse needs of residents.

Godrej Hillside - Configuration Of Units

Godrej Hillside provides a variety of unit configurations to suit the varied needs of homebuyers and investors. The project is thoughtfully designed to offer a diverse range of options to accommodate individuals from various financial backgrounds. As a result, potential residents have the choice of 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK configurations to choose from.

The 1 BHK apartment has a carpet area of 36.8 square meters (396 square feet) and an additional exclusive area of 6.16 square meters (66 square feet), resulting in a total area of 42.96 square meters (462 square feet).

For the 2 BHK apartment, the carpet area ranges from 51.18 to 55.6 square meters (551 to 598 square feet), with an exclusive area of 8.63 to 12.02 square meters (93 to 129 square feet). The total area, which includes both carpet and exclusive areas, ranges from 63.20 to 64.23 square meters (680 to 691 square feet).

The 3 BHK apartment offers a carpet area of 67.95 square meters (732 square feet) and an exclusive area of 13.58 square meters (146 square feet), resulting in a total area of 81.53 square meters (878 square feet).

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